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Pregnancy & Birth Support

Birth doula support includes support for the birthing person and their family before baby is born, during birth, and in the immediate postpartum! I support birthing people in any setting whether it's at home, in a hospital, or at a birthing center!

The support I offer is rooted in an understanding that you know more about your body and what you are feeling in your body than anyone! Everyone's needs are unique and  I'm here to support you!

Sliding Scale and Payment Plans are always available!

Birth Support

2-3 prenatal visits


Continuous call, text, and email support throughout pregnancy and up until one week postpartum

Access to Lending Library

Personalized Resources & Referrals 

On-call from 37 weeks until your birth


Labor and birth support

1-2 in-home postpartum visits (birth processing, providing you with any resources needed, and postpartum care)

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